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1968 Plymouth GTX

K-frame and calipers in epoxy:
K-Frame in Epoxy.JPG

Brake Calipers in Epoxy.JPG

Used the 3M 4274 Duramix NVH sealer and reassembled the hood. Clamped it together for now and then after the 24 hour cure period I will attempt to spot weld it together.

Sometimes my welding attempts go really easy and sometimes I blow holes in everything.
Spot welded the hood back together today.
Hood Spot Welds.JPG
Hood Spot Welds 1.JPG

My MIG has a Stitch and Spot weld selector. I had a terrible time getting it set right. Get one perfect 3 second weld and the next would blow through. Finally flattened a piece of 3/4" copper pipe and clamped it behind the weld area as a heat sink. That helped a lot.

Ran a DA over the epoxy to find the low spots:
Hood Epoxy Sanded 1.JPG
Circled the trouble areas:
Hood Low Spots Circled 1.JPG

Here is my Disaster Area. Someone took a pick and performed what I call a "cave and pave" in the center of the hood. Used a hammer and dolly to flattened the tiny dents which caused a very large high spot. This will be a good place to learn how to use my new shrinking disc and slap hammer from Wray Schelin. :cool:
Hood Diaster Area.JPG