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1968 Plymouth GTX

More progress pictures:
Media Blasting Progess.JPG

Media Blasting Progress 1.JPG

Started on the inside firewall and under the dash but had to stop and remove the seam sealer and old adhesive with a chisel and torch.
Media Blasting Progress 2.JPG

While I was at it went ahead and removed all the seam sealer from the interior and trunk area:

Seam Sealer Removal.JPG

Now to clean up the mess and get back to blasting.
I had to move inside because of the fowl weather here lately. Twill be a major job cleaning the paint booth when I get done but I have done this before so I know what is ahead.
Still plugging away at media blasting when I get the time to work on the car.
Firewall looks very solid.
Firewall inside right.JPG

Decided to work a little on the passenger side floor pan where the worst rust is to see what kind of condition it was in. As the rust flakes vanished more holes were revealed.
Passenger floor swiss cheese.JPG

The pans under the rear bench seat look to be in good shape.
Passenger door jamb.JPG

Debating on whether to pull the quarter panels to see what kind of rust might be starting there.