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Wow, John, its been a long journey, but you just plain killed it!!
What a beautiful car!

John Long

Thanks guys. It has been a long journey but it has really been rewarding.

As all of you know, I am a hobbiest but have painted all my life. When I got my roadster finished, I wanted something to piddle with that would advance and utilize my metal forming skills. It seamed that a complete but neglected convertible would be just the ticket. Since I have the roadster, there has been no need to rush the project. It has just been my "day on the lake."

I posted my build in detail on another forum and have had over 750,000 views. That has done a lot to keep me motivated.

Of course, there is still much to do but taking it by the local cruise night will be exciting.

Thanks again,

The roadster has been in my garage 16 years. It really needs freshening up. I guess I already have my next project.

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Great job John, ole "Precious" definitely has got some looks. Great job. Hope you have a lot of enjoyment with it. :)

What forum did you post the build on?

John Long

LOL,I thought about the name of this thread today while I snuck down to the basement for a while.

Here was my header bow two weeks ago.

After sandblasting last thursday........

After a few hours in the basement today. This was all done without any specialty tools except tipping dies on a bead roller and shrinker/stretcher jaws. It was a fun day.

Of course, I have much more to do but it was exciting to get down to the shop for a while.



I don't know why, but I love watching you guys form that metal. That fender you made is incredible. When I was in the AF, the adjacent shop to me was sheet metal and I always wanted to venture over there to learn. Unfortunately, I was kept busy running lathes and mills.

John, the car is beautiful! When you get her done, need to take the wife for a nice long drive in a scenic part of your area. Get pictures too! I am sorry to read of her issues.


John Long

Precious is now home and in the garage. I knew when I caught Steve polishing her he was ready to give her back.

I have moved on to restoring the convertible top irons. Lots of work to do to the header bow.

After sandblasting I was able to form replacement parts.

Today, I got to play connect the dots. Lots and lots of dots. BTW, I did brush SPI epoxy in the interior spaces and tack strip channels.

LOL, forgot I had posted anything on the header bow. I hope you guys will forgive a little redundancy
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John Long

Just had to post the header after grinding the welds. The welds always look so bad before they are ground.

There is probably a couple of hours of touch up to do and a little mudding but, I am very close to being able to put a top on this old girl.

Also, I now have good solid tack strip retainers.



John Long

I wore my red SPI shirt to the Cleveland cruise in today. I had a lot of great comments from the crowd. It was a good day.

The top irons are on the car, wired up and working. It is now at a stand still until I can get my chrome back and adjust the top to the windows. I don't understand why chrome never is finished when they say it will be.:confused:

Anyway, the cruise in was good. The car did well and, as I said, we had a good day.