Fixed a little rust

John Long

I just wanted take a minute and show my bottom. :)) 1953 convertible Chevy which was in pretty sorry condition. Yesterday the floorpans finally saw a couple of coats of Barry's finest SPI red epoxy. I seam sealed it today and hope to shoot some dark red base tomorrow.



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Just incredible! You are a true inspiration John. Thank you for being you! I have been following since page one on the hotrodders forum and have learned many priceless lessons and tricks. That car is a work of art!

John Long

This being my game of golf or day on the lake allows me the luxury of doing things my way just for the fun of it. I had decided some time ago I wanted to do this project with all SPI products. Having done the floor pans this week has just wet my appetite to do that. I have been a fan of SPI epoxy for some time and now am just as excited about the SPI base and clear.

Thank you all. With luck, this will continue to be an exciting as well as rewarding project. (being challenging is a given. :))
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WOW. That may be the slickest floor pan I've seen. that red is just perfect.

John Long

Any new progress pics?

Thanks for asking but not much to offer. I have used my five minutes a day to finish plumbing the brakes, install the fuel tank, paint and install the driveshaft.

I did also finish rebuilding and painting the steering column. and have mocked up the front fenders. I have to decide where and how I want to mount the battery and I can get back to some body work.

Can't wait to shoot some of Barry's finest in the spring. :)



John Long

I have not been able to work on the car since last winter. I had just about finished the inner fenders when I quit.

I have not said much about it but my wife has dimensia and I can no longer leave her alone. She certainly is more important than the car and I miss working on it but I have been blessed that one of my dear friends has stepped in to help me out.

Steve DA'd the body with 80 grit, mudded the body from the doors back and just yesterday shot 3 coats of gray epoxy.

I went by his place tonight and he was, for the first time in his life, block sanding Epoxy. ....Guys, I think we have a new SPI fan. :) I left him one of my SPI Koozies just to make it official.

Since the complete left quarter panel was hand made as well as the tail pan and rh rear lower quarter, I was about 10 feet tall when he told me he had not opened the second gallon of Rage Ultra I had taken him.

It is good seeing the old girl getting loved on again.



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Sorry to hear that about your wife John.:( You and your wife are in my prayers. I'll be in your area in late August. Going to the Redneck Roundup Metalshping event in Belfast TN. I'll have a few days free. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out on the car. Be happy to do so.