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Fixed a little rust

I just wanted take a minute and show my bottom. :)) 1953 convertible Chevy which was in pretty sorry condition. Yesterday the floorpans finally saw a couple of coats of Barry's finest SPI red epoxy. I seam sealed it today and hope to shoot some dark red base tomorrow.

This being my game of golf or day on the lake allows me the luxury of doing things my way just for the fun of it. I had decided some time ago I wanted to do this project with all SPI products. Having done the floor pans this week has just wet my appetite to do that. I have been a fan of SPI epoxy for some time and now am just as excited about the SPI base and clear.

Thank you all. With luck, this will continue to be an exciting as well as rewarding project. (being challenging is a given. :))
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Any new progress pics?
Thanks for asking but not much to offer. I have used my five minutes a day to finish plumbing the brakes, install the fuel tank, paint and install the driveshaft.

I did also finish rebuilding and painting the steering column. and have mocked up the front fenders. I have to decide where and how I want to mount the battery and I can get back to some body work.

Can't wait to shoot some of Barry's finest in the spring. :)