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Fixed a little rust

You're a fantastic guy to stand by your wife in these circumstances. My father and mother went through the same thing so I have an appreciation of your situation.
My best wishes to you John. Oh, what a great job on the car too.
Thank you. Barb was a caregiver for hospice for years. I can promise, she would take far better care of me than I ever can her if the circumstances were reversed. She deserves far better than I am able to give.

Sorry to hear about yours and hers troubles. Give her all you can and that's all you can.
I see Alzheimers signs in my father 85 but still very (was welding steps yesterday) busy non stop.
I've had MS for 13yrs now ontop of being paralyzed for 30. I still do all i can with my cars & usually turns out great.
You did great metal work.
Thanks Eddie. I have learned one thing for sure. Nobody gets a free ride in this world. If you don't have serious challenges, somebody you love does. We can either throw ourselves a pitty party or focus on all the great things life has to offer. Barb and I have had a really great life. I thank God for every day He has given us. Having faith certainly makes old age a lot easier :) :) :)

I hope I am not putting too much trivia on the forum but I thought it was worth mentioning, my friend Steve used Body filler, epoxy, 2k primer surfacer, and three more coats of primer surfacer on the quarter panels. He was so impressed with the SPI epoxy, when he got to the doors and fenders, he mudded them, Epoxied them, blocked them and shot 3 more wet coats of Barry's finest black epoxy......Barry has a new fan.


I had it mostly in 2 coats of gray epoxy Eddie. Steve DA'd it with 80 grit and mudded it. I personally would have put a couple of coats of epoxy on it and then mudded it but what Steve did is fine. I have no problem with what he did.

At the time, he had never used the SPI epoxy and probably thought I was exagerating how good it is.