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The self-tuning software will only get you so far. If you want every last bit of performance manual tuning is needed. I download logs to a remote tuner who can optimize the tune on the car remotely from his house in Kansas.

Thats is true but you set targets for AR and idle when warm and when wide open, every engine is different, and this target was my biggest problem as y blocks are different
and is a little bit of a pain to do all the input
, timing readings on mine there is no adjustment as timing is controlled by the MSD brain. so at 15deg idle and gets to about 38 degrees when cruising. The only other is at what temp the electric fan kicks on and if you want the fan to run when you turn the air on.
They say it takes about 800 miles for the computer to fine-tune and the first 500 miles
I was not happy but after 500 miles that car never ran so well.
I spend more time watching the computer than the road, I'm addicted to the screen as
it tells me everything the engine is doing.


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My last car had a Holley system and I used this person to help tune it. Very good results. Holley certified.

David Ehrlich

Autotrend EFI

6566-C Commerce Way

Diamond Springs, CA 95619

(530) 642-0999

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I dont want to bring bad news in to a seemingly positive Holley thread...It must be about 15 years ago or so, i had an AMC 401 motor built by an Ex Team AMC mechanic( i was told)..We did not go crazy on the motor, bc, it was just going to be a "fun" street driver for my CJ-7..We dynod the motor with a carb, and results were about 400 ish for both Hp and torque.That was with a "mild" custom cam and 9.25:1 compression. The dyno session was fun, as the motor sounded big and beastly..."Mike" then converted to true fuel injection using some Ford parts, Gm Hei custom ignition, and the Holley Commander 950 Pro system. I had this done in Ohio and im in Ct... Mike spent alot of time tuning the Holley 950,(with laptop) live driving and tuning with his son. He never seemed "happy" with the power he was feeling with the Holley 950. Eventually i went to pick up the CJ and bring home....For me, it seemed like the Jeep did something different every time i drove it...High idle, low idle, lean idle, no scary feeling when giving it a bunch of throttle, etc....Soon thereafter the ecu blew and Holley sent me a free replacement..The Jeep never ran the way a true injected vehicle should have. I was constantly tweaking the software and spending alot of time on it, never to get great satisfaction..My guess is Holley has greatly improved their products in the last 15 years....For me, Holley was one of the most economical options/systems at that time. Just my story..


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I think things have improved over the past 15 years. I am not a fan of the Sniper because it places the electronics in the throttle body which is a fairly hostile environment for electronics. It seems maybe half of the Sniper installs I read about have problems. I think Holley learned their lesson and now all the Terminator electronics are usually installed in the cabin.

I didn't mean to hijack this thread. Sorry.
Personally, I have yet to convert a car to Electronic Fuel Injection. This leads me to read a lot about them and ask questions.
I do a full 30 minutes measured from when I finish spraying a coat. I heat my booth and shop to 75 degrees. The temperature drops a little while I spray with the shop man door open but my propane heater brings it back up quickly. Electric space heater in the booth. Fan and booth lights off between coats. Heat on for 24 hours after spraying.

I also keep my paint materials in the house overnight before I spray.

I don’t know if all this is needed but it’s what I do.

What are you using for an electric heater in the booth? Probably won’t apply much to me as your in Texas. I doubt you need as much help as me when it comes to heat lol.
When you need nice and warm real quick.

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After this is done, the little electric heater gets to try and maintain the warmth.
Oh I got one of those don’t you worry lol. Buggers were getting expensive to run with the kero prices. I thought about a propane one, or the heads that mount on the propane tank. But I wasn’t sure…the one experience I hade with the propane torpedo heater style was it put out a ton of moisture in the air. It was at my buddies place. That I wasn’t a fan of. The heads on the tank I don’t believe do that as bad. But I could be wrong.
Fortunately, the owners manual states you can use #2 Diesel fuel. Of course with today's prices nothing is economical.
I mix a small amount of gasoline in with the diesel to help it burn cleaner. Roughly 3:1. There are those who go 2:1 but I feel safer with the lower percentage and it has been running great for a long time now.
Fortunately, the owners manual states you can use #2 Diesel fuel. Of course with today's prices nothing is economical.
I mix a small amount of gasoline in with the diesel to help it burn cleaner. Roughly 3:1. There are those who go 2:1 but I feel safer with the lower percentage and it has been running great for a long time now.
Thanks for the tip…good idea. I’ll give that a try. Burning cleaner is always better.


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Making progress. Installing the shell without any help was a bit of a chore. Lot of weatherstripping to install on that shell. Used almost a whole tube of weatherstrip adhesive. :)

Vintage Air installed and vacuum checked. New brake lines and hoses, master cylinder, and booster installed and bled. All fuel lines installed. Cruise control installed. Radiator, fans, and all hoses installed.

Waiting on a dash patch panel because owner decided he wants to install original style radio and dash is hacked up for a single DIN.

Next up is wiring.



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A lot of hours and a fair bit of head scratchin to assemble and install the tailgate. The aluminum panel is not reproduced so I did a backyard hack brush job on it and cleared it. The spare tire carrier put a couple of deep gouges in it that I couldn’t completely remove but they are a lot better.

Ignore the crooked tailpipe, exhaust system is not clamped together.



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The aluminum tailgate panel looks awesome, well done !

What did you use to finish the panel with, Scotchbrite pad?