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Way to Tell How Close SPI Color is to Factory Color?

If possible, and because this company is obviously so great, I'd like to keep everything within the same family so that I can bug the heck out of you guys (and Barry) when I have questions. This question: is there any way to tell how close a particular single stage SPI topcoat (one of the reds) is to my car's red out of the factory? I'm painting a 1966 Triumph Spitfire (eventually) that came in Signal Red (Triumph paint code 32). My guess is that SPI's "red" will be close, but I was curious if there is a way to know "how close". This is my first restoration, so definitely not concourse, and if I can keep all of my paint with SPI, I would prefer that. I know red is red, but I am trying to keep the car as original as possible so it would bug me if I didn't know. Thanks!


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Good question and an interesting one at that as none of my colors were matched to any color.
It would be interesting to camera one of the red chips and see how many colors come up.