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Another thing that boggled me , I let him use my Iwata LPH 400 to spray clear and he said that his Sharpe titanium sprays as good or better. I let him spray clear with my Sata 5000b rp and he said he would stick to his Devilbiss finish line for clear? Am I missing some fine spray guns or is he partial to his tools?
See quote above. Here's another one. "Some people try to get better, others just try to get by". I would jump at the chance to use a top of the line gun if in his shoes just to see the difference. You can get away with a low quality gun with low quality clear (low solids), but if he used his gun with SPI clear he would hate it and say it was junk, guaranteed.
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He only used the O'reilly auto parts production clear, Also he said all Euro clear is the same and is only repackaged under different company names. I told my wife that he don't want any advice from me because I have not painted all my life and he has painted for 40 years. I could beat this old mule for quite a while but it won't accomplish what it should.
Some people just can't be helped & ran into those sort of people when I was younger. Could install a product upside down with one side 1/4" off & somehow it was my company's products fault cuz he'd been doin it all his life & was a Christian. That's when you have to be the bigger Christian & turn the other cheek,,,& walk away.
Sometimes when told bad advise, just go with your gut & get your facts elsewhere & call it a day.
The opposite of this is some guys are hung up on the big label names and the giant prices. "Can't be good at those prices"!
And some just don't like to change, or take the time to adjust to something different. Different strokes for different folks.