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poor adhesion spraying base next day

Discussion in 'Color' started by bmxpegan411, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. bmxpegan411

    bmxpegan411 Member

    Hi Guys,

    I sprayed some epoxy as a sealer, then the next day sprayed nason base the next day. This was the inside of some doors. About a month later I taped the inside of the doors off to not get overspray on them, but pulling the tape up pulled the clear and base right off of the epoxy. Is this because the base had no catalyst in it? I've never had this issue before and read on this forum that spraying base the next day is OK to do. Any ideas?

  2. Jim C

    Jim C Oldtimer

    generally you are ok the next day with epoxy BUT if sprayed very thin like a sealer, 1:1:1, it was fairly warm and the base was sprayed light with a fast reducer then yes it is possible. the thinner epoxy is the faster it will set up. as a sealer you generally spray it like its your first coat of base. let flash dull and your ready to go. 1 coat at 1:1:1 i wait maybe 10-15 min in summer months.
  3. bmxpegan411

    bmxpegan411 Member

    thanks Jim, that's what I was hoping the issue was because I sprayed all kinds of other stuff with the same base and they seem OK. Do you ever wait overnight to clear base or have extended time between coats of base? I think to avoid possible issues from now on I'll go sealer to clear all in one day
  4. Jorge M.

    Jorge M. Member

    Treat basecoat and clear as separate steps, but seal and shoot activated basecoat at the same time. Clearing can be done hours later or let sit overnight and clear the next morning.
  5. AAE

    AAE Learner

    If the base is activated, it has a window also. Ive heard 12 hours
  6. bmxpegan411

    bmxpegan411 Member

    thanks for the replies! I've never personally activated base, but I've read on here that there are a lot of advantages to doing so.
  7. crashtech

    crashtech Combo Man

    The last Nason base I used had a mandatory activator. Maybe there is more than one kind of Nason base, but it's always a really good idea to activate. Not sure if that would have helped you here or not, I personally have never experienced that kind of adhesion loss. It almost sounds like it might have been a bit of solvent trapping that would resolve itself with some time in the sun.

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