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Compressor oil

Filled it ran it dumped it 3 times. 3 different oils & weights. Color is close to actual. Pics in order.
Look how dirty pump was new. I might run fill #4 for 10 minutes and dump once more before putting compressor in use.
Oil #3 was lightest color when new almost like brake fluid but not.

IMG_6624.JPG IMG_6631.JPG IMG_6647.JPG


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I commend you on your testing, you are doing a great job.
Im staying away from this as i was with an oil company many years ago and oil is a subject that is full of wives tails and too correct would only piss people off.

You seem to have everything under control and over killed this test.
Thank you. Good to learn. This is final flush, no more particles.
thinking of guy here that recently installed Quincy 7.5
If i was him i'd dump it after some use regardless of what goes back in just to clean out particles.