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Colorsanding with Eagle DA paper

I am planning to try out the Eagle yellow super tack and the bufflex system for sanding and buffing. I ordered some sample/demo packs and should be getting them any day now. I am in collision repair and plan to use the green bufflex to knock out some trash mainly since I am trying to match OEM orange peel. But some jobs I might need to cut down more OP if needed so occasionally I will need to use the 1200 and 1500 grits in yellow. My question is how long should I wait before DA sanding on the Euro clear? Most times I paint and clear one day and cut and buff the next. Can I still do this with the Eagle brand without leaving pigtails?

Also, for the ones that have tried the Eagle yellow how long do the discs normally last? Jim has mentioned that with the green bufflex that you can do an entire car with 2 or 3 discs, but I was not sure on the yellow discs. I have always hand sanded so I was not sure what to expect.
I love the 1500 yellow discs and use them regularly, I usually wait 24 hrs to sand and buff.
But one thing I have found is that they do much better if you slow them down.
I use a 6" electric random orbit sander at about half speed with a interface pad for cushion.
That makes short work of sanding clear coat.
I figure 1 disc per avg. size panel.
Jim turned me on to these long ago and I still thank him every time I use one:)
i just sanded and buffed a 55 chevy. used 2 green bufflex discs for the whole car. if your going to level dust nibs with it on gloss clear then you will need a new and sharp disc for that. breaking the gloss on a clear is tough for any sandpaper. the bufflex green last forever when refinish 1500 scratches on an already sanded surface but after it dulls slightly i dont think its going to flatten over the nibs very well. you'll just have to try it and see. as far as how long the yellow last, that will vary. 1000 will last longer than 1500. i would give an average of 4-6sq ft per disc. you should be able to sand and buff euro next day or 24hrs. again it all depends on temp, weather and how you spray it.
i use them wet. eagle discontinued the wet green discs in hookit. now they just sell them labeled dry. they are the same disc with some anti loading lubricant on them. that stuff comes right off as soon as you use it. same goes for the tolex.
Thanks guys. My demo pack of the yellow discs arrived yesterday. The bufflex demo pack should be in any day now. I am going to give them a try on the next job I spray.

Another question I forgot to ask earlier. Should I wait longer than 24 hours to sand if using the universal clear since it is a softer clear (assuming normal painting conditions)? I mostly use Euro clear because 75% of my work is collision but I do occasionally use Universal from time to time.
I finally got a chance to try these out last night. I painted a front cap on a 2016 Acura RSX and blended back on a drivers door. I painted with Euro clear on Saturday but did not get a chance to sand and buff until last night. The paint was fairly slick off the gun so I started with 1500 grit (part #778-1500) and it only took 3 sheets to knock over it all. Then I finished up with the green bufflex wet (part #193-1535) and only used 1 sheet. Since this was my first time to use this system I made sure to slow down the DA and I was very careful with trash because I was scared of pigtails. Luckily I was able to finish up with 0 pigtails. Really easy buffing also. I was surprised at how easy it buffed because it was very humid and warm here in Mississippi when I painted so I was afraid it would be concrete after 2.5 days. It was himid enough that my shop floors had water standing. But I was able to buff each panel in one pass. Needless to say I was very impressed with this system. Thanks for all the help guys.
Did you go from the 1500 yellow film disc directly to the green bufflex wet? What pad and compound did you use for the one pass of buffing?
i have tried it wet and it didnt work as well as i had hoped. i switched to the pink tolex discs for the 1500 step when i want to wetsand in that grit. if your starting out you color sanding process at the 1500 grit step then the yellow discs dry will cut the clear flatter where as the tolex will follow the surface more.
I'll be sanding and buffing pretty soon with the paint job I'm doing on my El Camino in SPI single-stage white.
I may just stick to wet sanding by hand. I've never used a machine to do color sanding before.