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1978 Mustang II

Today I traded a C6 and converter that was used in my race car (I now use a C4 behind the 428 CJ) for this 302 that has been rebuilt but sitting for a long time. It was in a Mustang that was upgraded to a 427 small block.

Looks new

I need to order a flex plate for the AOD. I'm also going to replace the water pump, harmonic balancer, fuel pump, intake and valve covers plus the correct oil pan for the Mustang II.

Now I need to get busy installing brake lines and fuel line before I install the engine.

I ordered a Ron Francis wiring harness and after looking at the back of the dash and seeing wires held together with masking tape I decided to remove everything and start over.

I will have to enlarge the openings to fit the new 4" Speedhut speedometer and tach that I ordered

I will also have to modify the dash to fit the 2 1/16" gauges

Had to make a filler piece to fit the Vintage Air controls

Sanded and painted

The stainless goes on next.

The Vintage Air fits with the modified tunnel and the hoses will go out the side. We have to make brackets since there is no kit for a Mustang II