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1978 Mustang II

It is hard to get the true color. In the booth it's to light and outside looks red. It is somewhere in between. Brian has been wet sanding the body and should start buffing soon.

Yesterday I sprayed two coats of SPI white epoxy and this morning three coats of SPI Orange followed with three coats of SPI Universal clear late this afternoon.

Test fitting the Corbeau seats.

The seats are hitting the door bar and the brackets don't line up with the holes in the floor. We need to drill new holes 1 1/2" toward the transmission tunnel in the seat brackets.

It's a tight fit but with the new holes in the brackets they fit.

We were going to use this Flaming River steering wheel in a 1967 Fairlane race car with a quick release Flaming River column but it was to close to the dash board. A couple of years ago Brian gave me a Momo steering wheel for my 1968 restomod Coupe for Christmas and the adapter would not work with the Ididit steering column. They both work great on the Mustang II steering column and I had some left over Dynamat from the 1968 Coupe.