1963 Dodge Dart for the Wife....


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What a long long long day but another driveway SPI paint job is in the books. All I can say is thank you all for your help and encouragement without you and @Barry this would never happen. Buffed, V36'ed with a black pad and Fast Waxed.... Still a few scratches in the hood when I pushed in under the florescent lights but that is for another day.... It needs to start going back together!

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Oh did I mention I dented the damn movie stars door with the door from the Dart that swung open.... I was so pissed...... Now I have to fix that ....


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I just dented my Bronco door.......I'll ship the whole truck out to you - I'll have an SPI account set up prior to its arrival. Can't say enough about how good a finished product you turned out.
Thanks @mhinch, it was a battle but I sort of won.... the Dart did get the last laugh on the Coronet though....
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Amazing, one day and over half the crap is out of my bedroom! The prep work over the last 7 months is paying of.. Most is just test fitted to make sure I have the right part, can find the bolts, and can find the parts.... I could not find the LCA bolts an massive washers.... My rule of NEVER EVER throw ANYTHING away until the new one is installed and finished paid off... noticed the cotter pin hole and then it clicked these where castle nuts! I have a box where all the "old parts that I plan on tossing because I'm getting new ones" and there with all the castle nuts for the old front end parts were the 2 big ones and the fat washers.... whew....

What was not right:
  • The Energy Suspension kit did not give me the smaller front eyelet for the old /6 so I can't install the springs all the way and get the rear axel in to get it on hits wheels.
  • The '66 fuel line is not looking like it is right, I think the torque boxes for the ragtop are in the way.....
  • The front hub seals are not right the lip is too wide and will hit the backing plate
  • Someone screwed Classic Industries and swapped a low quality LH ball joint into the HD Moog box, need to call them
  • Forgot to order the felt that goes above the gas tank
  • Forgot to try to find a replacement for the gas tank strap, this one is torqued to much for me.
Other than that it is looking good.. Will order a reseal kit from Firm Feel Monday and bead blast and reseal the steering gear its just mocked up to make sure it is all ok. The engine is likely 4-6 weeks out so I will have to just build out the K-Frame like this then drop it when I get the motor and build it back up.

The interior will fall together this fast too as most of it is sitting in the bedroom ready to install.



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So it looks like the '65 M&H harness is just going to plug and play under the hood of the '63! To match I used the '65 dash harness but that has the fuse box on the LH side of the column and in '65 and up they did not have push button so that was fine... I may need to make a bracket or modify that harness. I wish they made a '63 specific but they don't and the '64's were all backordered and I did not know how long it would be.... Now to call M&H and see if they can make a factory positive battery cable...

Reconditioned wiring clips with Plastidip. There are small cutouts where these go, if you don't use them the clips wont snap on worth beans.