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JC Daniel

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IMG_1397.jpg I have a like new only used twice Devilbiss Tekna primer gun, Comes with 1.4 tip never used, 1.6 tip, PR 30 hvlp aircap and PR 10 High Efficiency aircap, Never used aluminum cup, Dekups adapter, Instruction manual and wrench. Payments accepted is paypal Friends and family or you pay the fees or Postal Money Order or Bank check. $175.00 shipped to you with signature confirmation and insurance. IMG_1396.jpg


Paint Fanatic
Staff member
Nice gun and a great deal, my only concern is will the 1.4 spray the urethane primer?
Like i posted before only about 50% of the 1.7 tip guns will spray the SPI primers.
Please keep us informed, so we can share the advice.

JC Daniel

Active Member
I have the 1.6 tip and hvlp PR30 aircap on and sprayed regular build spi primer just fine, There are other tips and needles available but I tried the 1.6 only.