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White base

Hey how good does your base cover? And would it work fine useing it for a tri coat? I have an all over little hatch civic there wanting a pearl job done on how much of your base do u think itll take? 2 quarts? Its a dark color now and im not sealing it. Thanks
Well i guess i could seal it. I have a gallon of ******* high build primer that works really good as a sealer. But id perfer not to.. and i dont wanna spend any more then i have too
Well i know for a fact they will because i do it all the time. Just primer wise. But anyway i plan on trying yours next gallon i need. Back to the question how good does your white cover and will it be fine with pearls on top of it? Im using the 2100 i believe. For clear


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All my testing for the white base to pass before we package it is.
1 wet coat over Red, Blue and Black, I want 95% coverage on the first coat.
Id seal the stuff with epoxy first even if you don't use my stuff with it and I prefer you don't.
You would perfer me not to use your product? Why? Im not sealing it theres no point im not striping the car to metal. Im am priming a couple dings i have to fix but other than that its just a cheap sand down real quick and shoot. Not paying a whole lot. They was wanting to wrap the car but he changed his mind.
I just know from the past the other option is getting ppg and there shopline dosnt cover to well when reduced like they revomend. Either way its getting your clear. Best thing ive used since i started spraying lol. Im jusy lookinh at my options when it comes to base
Hey barry do u sell a white primer in a quart? Or sumthing i can use as a sealer that will be cheaper than base? Im just not sure one quart of base will cover the little hatchback i was talking about. Id rather play it safe