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What would you use?

Novice here. My Coronet was all SPI. The new Duster is blue so I am stuck. The local shop I get supplies from only carries Nason and Dupont Chromabase and ChromaPremier. As I read through the comments these are both hated on for various reasons. What base would you recommend I try to find that is as easy to use as the SPI base and won't break the bank ($700 for a gallon of Chromabase....)... I will be using UC as the clear. I want it to be able to be sanded to fix the inevitable mistakes I will make :)



Trying to be the best me, I can be
DBC is a good basecoat but it doesn't sand very well. It is not a polyester base like SPI and others. It can be sanded just not very well. It will be every bit as expensive as Chromabase. On the plus side DBC has probably the best coverage of 60's Muscle Cars so the color should be very close. But if you are doing a complete, slight variances in shade from OEM really don't matter.
Wanda and Motobase are two good and significantly cheaper options. Both will probably be several hundred dollars a gallon cheaper. Sikkens, Glasurit, Diamont are othe top line bases.
So I would have to go to Pheonix to purchase this by the looks of it.
I still order mine from Chad Sperry and have it shipped to my door. Email him chad sperry <autorodtech@gmail.com> with your color code and ask for a shipped price. Compare it with what the shop in Phoenix is charging.

I live in Paulden, AZ so 90+ miles from Phoenix. The shops here in Prescott are over priced on everything it seems. Once I ran short on ProSpray and a shop in Phoenix drove up to Cordes Junction to meet me with a quart of paint. Talk about customer service. :)
Just some advice for ya, if you cheep out on paint expect problems. If your doing a rust job for the auction then fine otherwise I say don't experiment with the hopes of not having an issue, it could bite you in the ass.
John at Autorod is shooting some cards of B1 and B5 blue for me to look at in Motobase. $480 for a gallon of B1 and quart of B5 shipped. I can swallow that.