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JC Daniel

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Okay guys I am in the market for a new clear gun and want your opinions on your favorite ones, What tip size and air caps used? I have been wanting the new x5500 Sata but have saw some not so good reviews, My favorite gun that I have used is a Sata 5000 rp 1.3. I sold that gun and need kicked hard for doing so but oh well you live and learn, I am doing a couple cab corners and rockers this week and am going to try My Devilbiss Tekna and see how it sprays Euro clear. Any advice is appreciated and will be taken into serious thought as a good clear gun is a Must!


Paint Fanatic
Staff member
The Tekna will do just fine, from the call I get about every gun out there is used for the clears and with great success Sata RPs.
seem to fit the real wet sprayers best and the Iwata fit the slower and slower type painters as a general rule but I like both guns.
This is probably the toughest question to answer for another painter as we all are different.
I have a Tekna Copper and have sprayed SPI clears with it, using both a 1.3 and a 1.4 tip.
The iWata LPH400 1.4 tip has a great reputation as a clear gun but as stated it is a softer spray and requires a slower, steady hand.