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W&G remover - read the tech sheet!

Discussion in 'Cleaners 700, 710' started by Bentrustynail, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Bentrustynail

    Bentrustynail Newbie

    Stripped my truck hood, cleaned it with solvent based, then water based W&G remover, proceeded to apply epoxy and thousands of fisheyes about the size of solvent pop appeared as the epoxy was going down.

    The w&g LOOKED like it had flashed, but no way did I give it the 30-60 minutes specified in the p-sheet. Maybe 5 minutes max.

    To other inexperienced hobby painters like myself - read the p-sheet, if it says 30-60 minutes you may think it's wrong but it is there for a reason!
  2. anotheridiot

    anotheridiot Member

    I really dont know why anyone likes water based products first step unless you are spraying water.
  3. Jorge M.

    Jorge M. Member

    Horses for courses, the 700 and 710 do different things. But every time I have used the 700 I just blast the panels with an air blower for a few minutes and it's good to go.
  4. crashtech

    crashtech Combo Man

    700 cleans bare metal better than 710.
  5. Chris_Hamilton

    Chris_Hamilton Trying to be the best I can be

    I go through this every day with one of my co workers. Won't read anything.:mad: Told me he didn't like the SPI 6401 sealer, said it went on "funny". I asked him how he mixed it, he replied 2-1 just like it says on the can.:eek: Even though I had briefed him on the correct ratio earlier and had the tech manual right there on the mixing table. Ughhh.
  6. shine

    shine Member

    solvent cleaner will melt contaminates into the metal. this is why i always wash with dawn after blasting .
  7. Barry

    Barry Paint Fanatic Staff Member

    That is exactly why all NEW labels have had the 2.1 VOC removed, can't tell you how many people have mixed the products 2.1.
  8. Bentrustynail

    Bentrustynail Newbie

    Is there something special about Dawn versus Palmolive or any other washing up liquid? I see Dawn mentioned all the time so am guessing it's the one to use?
  9. Barry

    Barry Paint Fanatic Staff Member

    The old "original dawn" contained no Hand softening lotions, that is what you need to look out for.
  10. Outlaw

    Outlaw Member

    hmmm, I never realized using dawn had any risks. Should we be reconsidering it with the hand softening lotions added?
  11. Bentrustynail

    Bentrustynail Newbie

    I picked up some dawn the other day - trouble is (potentially) it's dawn ultra II - seems like that's all we get around here in the Bay Area, at least in the major supermarkets. P&G also doesn't list ingredients on the bottle!
  12. jlcustomz

    jlcustomz evil painter

    I think the dawn ultra may contain bleach or bleach alternatives. Not that I go to them often, but around here various dollar stores ,big lots etc, have basic grocery type items.
    On the subject of solvents & flash times, years ago I,ve used things such as mek & acetone before paint, maybe the long flash times I gave it may be the reason I seemed to have got away with that sort of behavior?
  13. Bentrustynail

    Bentrustynail Newbie

    Redid the epoxy this weekend after being scrupulous with the W&G remover - oh, and only used the waterborne this time. All is good again, other than the usual few nibs of trash and a kamikazi fly, no fisheye issue.
  14. Bartman

    Bartman Member

    Just my .02 on W&G remover. I wipe three times. I have for 25+ years. Most of the dirt, nibs, etc you get in your finish, you brought them in the paint booth on the car and surrounding panel(s). Wiping three times, double tacking and tack base between coats will dramatically reduce nibs. (and good masking/taping practices). Anyway back to W&G, I do solvent/water/solvent. Ending with solvent will decrease your dry times.
  15. Chad.S

    Chad.S Oldtimer

    I had a customer that had a issue with the 2.1 sealer, said it went on really weird, I couldn't figure it out, now this makes me wonder if this was his issue.
  16. Robbie mcmillian

    Robbie mcmillian New Member

    So you guys are cleaning bare metal with dawn and water?

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