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Uv clear

Hey guys. I sprayed all my panels on my 69 camaro except the shell with epoxy as a sealer, ppg dbc base and uv clear. I used medium reducer. Temps were cooling down but i managed to keep harage above 60 degrees for a few hrs after spraying my last coat of clear. 5 coats with 30 min flash. Sometimes 45 min

My issue is that the small parts like header and valance etc that i was able to bring inside of the house a day later seemed to have dried harder than the bigger parts i was unable to bring in like the doors and fenders.

Do i have a serious issue?? Temps for the doors and fenders were kept over 60 for at least half a day. Maybe a little longer after i shut off heater

Again thank you everyone


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Nothing to worry about clears lose 50% or so evaporation rate at 58 degress. Give it time or pull out in sun when you can
What do you mean by softer? Does a finger nail leave a mark? Have you tried sanding and buffing? Could the difference in the metal gauge be causing a mental difference? We're they painted all at the same time? Just thinking of variables.
I can actually dig my nail into it. All the panels were sprayed relatively close to each other. The small parts i was able to bring inside where as the larger parts i had to keep in garage through the winter. The larger panels had enough heat on them after i was done spraying but they are no where near as hard as the smaller parts
How close together? Same activator? Wondering if the activator could have weakened between sessions. What is the manufacturer date on the bottom of the can? Did you happen to forget to put the lid back on immediately? How full was the can?
Medium reducer medium activator. Always put cap back on tight. All parts were sprayed a couple weeks apart. Same booth conditions. Just that the small parts were taken inside where it is obviously warmer
I've always been pretty paranoid about temperatures since I heard that some products can stop crosslinking permanently if they get below a certain temperature. That's probably a bit of an exaggeration, but with what's being experienced here, it makes me wonder. Who knows how cold it got after the heat was shut off in late November, if it was a struggle to keep 60°? Could it have been close to freezing?
wasnt a struggle temps were actually mid 50's in late november. i used my bullet heater inbetween coats and when i was done i had my electric heater on for hours after that. my garage is insulated so if its 55 outside its mid 60's inside.
Takes time for clear to cure i had the questions once,because 3 moths later i was able to leave a mark with my finger nail and this was with euro 3 coats only on a regular daily car tge i had to do another repair in a different area.,,dry is one thing cure is another takes longer.. sun can do wonders another thing you can do is sand the panels (to get it ready to buff) and let them gas out.


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Euro should be fingernail free 18-24 hours after your last coat. I can leave it in the booth and come back next day it's fingernail free. Three months and still soft? Something you did not the clear. Sounds like sprayed too heavy and not enough flash time. Or base or sealer not alowed enough flash off time and solvents trapped underneath are softening the clear. Definitely not the clear in both cases.
In my dry, cool environment, I can spray Euro 4:1:1 +5% 870 and 1% Polar at 68°, and it will still be finger-printable the next morning, never mind fingernails. Some kind of force drying, even briefly, helps immensely. UC dries faster, imo. Humidity must have a lot to do with it.