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Universal Clear Painting Temperatures

I'm very close to being ready to put some color on my 65 El Camino project. I'm hoping I didn't miss the temp window and have to wait until spring. Average temperatures here in North Texas Lo/Hi of 45/67 in November and 36/57 in December. What would be the lowest safe ambient and surface temps to spray - Nason Base and SPI Universal clear in an unheated garage?

Just my 2 cents worth I would not chance it on a nice car. Buy a Ready heater and blast the heat to bring the metal temps up to the high 70's . I also warm up the base and clear.Remember at lows of 45 over night it will take a while to bring the metal temps up even if air temp is in the 80's. Maybe rent a heated paint booth from a shop????


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On a 65 its just not worth it!!

Now if its your wife's 2012 driver just give it lots of extra flash time and we can take our chances.
On a 65 its just not worth it!!

Now if its your wife's 2012 driver just give it lots of extra flash time and we can take our chances.
Thanks Guys,

I've looked for a shop that will let me rent their booth but, the exterior of the 65 is going to be a multiple day project and no one I've talked to is willing to let me tie up their booth for that long. Unless I can come up with a satisfactory alternative, I may just have to wait until spring for that part.

The temps I listed above are averages but, we do have warmer days scattered throughout the winter. Later this week, we have a couple of sunny and low 70s days. I may get the bed prepped and push it out into the sun for a few hours on one of those days and then shoot that. I've planned, all along, to paint the bed separate from the rest of the exterior.
Barry quick question, the Kerosene a better choice than using a LP heater, there a difference on how it affects the spraying or is it one just puts out better heat than the other?


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I was able to keep my booth at 70 degrees today, so I put on 3 coats of universal clear. Cold weather is tough. This was rework, my glass guys put a dent in the panel below the back glass. I’m searching for a new glass company. Lol
LOL I remember the feeling!
I had a vette sold to a guy in Australia I had restored, there was a 3 inch scratch on the right side door glass but figured it would not matter if car went to auction. Well it took a month of paper work before he could have the car picked up and such a nice guy I did not tell him but called glass guy to put in new glass 5 days before truck was to be here to pick up.
He saw a picture of the scratch before he bought the car and when does a good deed not go unpunished?
He put a two inch dia hole in the door.
i ducted my forced kerosene heater from the outside it worked awesome during the winter. during the cooler fall months i used my 240v portable electric heater and it kept the temps up in the 70's inbetween coats and i would keep it on for a few hours after i was done spraying and my garage actually held the heat in for hours after that