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Universal clear—model cars too

I build some hi end, super detailed F1 1/12 scale car models and use Universal clear on a regular basis. Reduced at 3-1 to shoot through my airbrush it works fantastic, lays down like glass and still retains surface detail.
Barry should market this to the hobby crowd, put it in tiny bottles and mark it up 10,000 percent. D5F4B3FF-BD47-4847-90BF-D5C48FE240AB.jpeg 48F7464F-0DA8-440E-9374-3B92EF1ECFD5.jpeg
Dam... that is nice. You have any finished models to show? Are those for your hobby or sale?
I’m a professional model maker in the film industry but my car stuff is all personal. The primary kits I build now come from a Japanese company called MFH(Model Factory Hiro) They are spectacular when finished.


Wow, how many hours do you think doing one takes ya? I think I would go cross eyed by the time I would get one done, and that would be if I could even finish one.
Next time you do something for a movie you should make up a tiny SPI sponsor sticker and place it somewhere it can be seen.
I did this model helicopter work in the early 90’s for a Gene Hackman film called Narrow Margin. This is typical of most of my work. It ends up being blown up, driven over or set on fire....I’m not sure Barry would want an SPI sticker on that kind of destruction.