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my booth is 25 years old and paint was flaking off the doors plus the filters were nasty. decided to just redo the whole door. fells better already. added 4 more filters. air flow is perfect in mho :) . passed my smoke test. not too fast but it should move the fog out pretty quick.
no way in hell i was risking some white crap falling on this car mid clear. scares the crap out of me already .


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Very nice, job well done. I'll trade ya an English wheel for a day in the booth.

I'll even clean up when I'm done :)
What kind of filters do you use for inlet and exhaust? Do the exhaust filters catch most of the clear coat fog, or do you still see a fog coming out your exhaust?
tacky intake filters , dry exhaust filters. exhaust filters need changing with each job as they collect all the solids from overspray. my exhaust is above my 12ft wall. doubt much gets out but it would disperse quick.
Last booth I was using regularly, we had 20 20x15 filters, in rows of 10. They worked well. Never any buildup of paint on the ducts or fan downstream. We changed them out every few weeks. We waited until they got pretty crusty. I would say they trapped 95% of the paint solids. They weighed a lot more when changing them out then when putting them in.
about 3k cfm. 18in tubeaxel fan. would go with 24in if i did it again. my booth is 16x24x9 ft. i went to 9ft to keep the heat away from me.


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my booth when i was in the custom van industry was the cleanest. it was right at 3k sf. had a 48in turbin fan that moved a ton of air. i've had mfg booths that would trash everything.


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my booth when i was in the custom van industry was the cleanest. it was right at 3k sf. had a 48in turbin fan that moved a ton of air. i've had mfg booths that would trash everything.
I'm assuming you made it? Could you share any thoughts you may have on why it was cleaner? Did you do anything specific? Seal it well? I know what you mean though about alot of commercial booths and dirt. I did alot of work on a run of the mill Devilbiss semi downdraft booth trying to get it to spray cleaner. Biggest improvement was putting a VFD on the fan motor and turning it way down. That and cleaning the booth well but leaving the floor dry when spraying. I could never get it sealed well enough to my liking though.
it area and air movement. smoke will travel from my door to the exhaust bench in about 60-90 sec. sounds fast but it is a gentle flow. when i get done spraying the fog will be gone by the time i empty my gun and rinse it. more exhaust than intake is where it screws up. air velocity is all important. moving it slow but a lot of it.
we used Dust Stop on the floors. we ran so much production there was little time for clean up the flow was about the same as mine now. with 4 painters clearing at the same time there was a thick cloud. but it cleared out in less than 3 min. 3 walls were concrete . just used the building walls.
my booth now is an all use room. i do everything in there. even buffing. keeps the mess in one spot. after the 56 it is getting a redo. fresh paint , floors scraped, and a new motor for the exhaust. will go with a larger motor and kick up the fan rpm some. motor is 35 years old and went thru a flood.

Chris, what i do is keep the shop clean while painting. less dirt to keep out. i do wet the floors with my spray wand. glues anything to the floor. outside of booth also but let it all pretty much dry before shooting.
hell i'm so shitty at painting now days i know it's gonna get buffed anyway.