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Start of a new shop :)

Discussion in 'Other' started by Senile Old Fart, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. EddieF

    EddieF Top Banana

    No photo seen here.
    I just posted one & was putting text not picture at 1st.
  2. old soul

    old soul Member

    Nothing here either, SOF....
    Just shows 'Southern Polyurethanes Forum - Error' and 'You do not have permission to view media within this album'.
  3. EddieF

    EddieF Top Banana

    This is what i see.
    Gotta love technology. Drives us all looney lol. I like low tech sandpaper & a block. IMG_4750.PNG
  4. El Toro

    El Toro Member

    No pic's yet
  5. Senile Old Fart

    Senile Old Fart Oldtimer

  6. Joshua Coy

    Joshua Coy New Member

    Garage should be small.
  7. Barry

    Barry Paint Fanatic Staff Member

    Wish I had this in my backyard!
    Painting Mechanic likes this.
  8. Leonard1

    Leonard1 Member

    Looking Good! I'm excited for you. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna start building one right after the first of the year...

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