Spotting in repairs


Bob Hollinshead

OJ'd, if it's a solid red chances are you're seeing shrinkage and it won't affect the color-if it can't be sanded and buffed out you should be able to just scuff the whole panel and reclear it then sand and buff. Metalics and pearls are a different story-any shrinkage under the base will be highlighted by the metalics.
Trying to look at some old threads.

We were originally just going to fix a rocker area and quarter panel on a small blazer. We scuffed the entire quarter, figure we spray that with the red then clear the entire quarter since there are easy break lines to mask to. But if you are just repairing the bottom of a door, do you still clear the entire panel or scuff the factory clear down and then attempt to buff it out after clearing the fresh base area.

Its the simple thing of getting a 500.00 truck that had rusted brake and fuel lines to use for the winter truck. So we have some time to weld in the required patches of the rusted thru areas, but are debating to leave the door alone with rust or knock that off, there is just alot of area to reclear the entire door.

Mike K

Never ends well unless you clear the,'panel' and then,
You have a difference in gloss of said panel.
500 dollar truck and a 500 dollar repair.
You choose.....