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Spi Orange

Talked to a guy about wanting a color close to Fords' 69 & 70 Calypso Coral( if you google it, you can see) and he showed me his badd ass car done in the Spi Orange and I love it.

I want to go this route this spring and finish it with Spi UC,

Question, he put Spi epoxy grey under it, I think it pops already, He mention he was recommended putting the Spi epoxy white under it, what would this do to the orange that already pops with the grey in my opinion from the pics'?

Just checking to make sure I don't miss something I may like better.


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Last I knew all paint company's asked for white under oranges and yellows.

In theory if you have full coverage it don't matter but there are tint exceptions and I do believe spi orange is one of them where under sun-lite the white would pop more.
Thanks Barry, If this would matter using the white, I also plan to use your black on top of the hood/ half way and side stripes? Now I have no clue about orange then put the Black on top of it on this or mask out for the black first then reverse mask for the Orange?

A side note, is it possible to get 2 flash cards made for me when the time comes of the grey/Orange/UC & White/orange/UC? I'd pay for them willingly.