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SPI epoxy primer over po 15

unless you fill the frame cavity with mud and leave it for 50 years that rust will never be a problem. spray it good with ospho then rinse well , blow dry and epoxy.
Be sure to neutralize the Ospho before applying anything over it. If not it leaves a film that will cause adhesion problems.
I made this mistake once and it cost me a complete redo of the roof on my signature car.
Once you have the rust converted, apply another coat of Ospho and then before it tries wash it off with soap and water using a Maroon Scotchbrite pad. Rinse well and blow dry with an air hose. Wipe it down with 710 Wax and Grease remover and let flash completely.
What do you mean "flash completely"? Flash rust?
It was embarrassed and totally lost this morning after following the their tech advice to rinse off Ospho 2nd coating. The flash rust appeared after 20 minutes and must redo again. Maybe better to wash before sanding and applying Ospho then brushing off white powder and air blowing but NOT A DROP OF WATER after that! It wastes a lot time, money.

I like Ospho to wipe out rush fast then brushing off next day, but I regard it is NOT EXCELLENT PRODUCT any more.
that is flash rust on the axle. no need to worry about that. you can epoxy right over it. just do it soon. dont wait a month from now.
Well Jim I know you said don’t wait a month but I had to lol. No signs of flash rust on any part/s the frame has been bare for 3-4 months and not a spot of flash rust anywhere. Still plan on doing some touch up blasting and cleaning with 700 WG
Shot some black epoxy and mixed up what looks like a machinery grey, looks fair lol. Learning a lot about wet coats flashes and other things. Going good though. Thanks
I put a sealer coat down 1:1 with 50% acetone to dull the gloss. Some of my parts are dull and some are gloss. From what I can figure I guess I went to heavy on the parts that are gloss and just right on the parts that are dull. Live and learn I guess.

mixed at the same ratios will I run into trouble if I apply another sealer coat?
Basically is it ok to apply more than one sealer coat?