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SPI Basecoat over SPI Epoxy

Hi there,

I sprayed 2 medium wet coats of SPI grey epoxy primer today over a raw aluminum amplifier chassis that I first DA'd with 80-grit and cleaned with 700-1. It was my first time using any SPI products. My experience level is quite low - hobbyist. I am pleased with the way the epoxy looks. I didn't expect it to be shiny, but it is and flowed out nicely. I have no need to follow this with any 2K and want to go straight to basecoat next if permissible. I do not have a booth and do my spraying outside. There is a small amount of trash and orangepeel that I would like to remove prior to base. What grit should I sand the epoxy with prior to applying the base? How long should I wait before sanding the epoxy? After base, I will using SPI Universal Clear. Thank you in advance for your responses!

Since I paint outside, I’m expecting a small amount of trash. Is it ok to wet sand the SPI pure white base coat before I clear, and if so, how long should I wait after spraying 3 coats?
Thank you very much. I wet sanded the epoxy a few minutes ago and it did great. It just very gently knocked down the highs and now I hope to base today if it doesn't rain.
Got a couple of runs and one fisheye to deal with, but overall pretty happy with the base. It's no reflection on the product, of course, just typical rookie mistakes. I decided to paint this amp chassis for the practice expecting a less than perfect result. After this, I plan to paint a trunk deck lid.