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Speed Clear

I'm interested in hearing what you've learned about this new clear.
I’ve learned that some painters will take a while to get used to shorter, lower temp baking cycles. One guy baked it for too long and killed some of the gloss, wasn’t too happy about it. But after sticking with it and following the tech sheet he can’t believe how good is working for him with the slow activator. He’s really happy and already asking for more clear.

Myself I’ve had some small pinching with sorry arse Shopline solvent basecoat, gotta watch it with that line. Been spraying with 3102 bumpers and quarter panels 2-3 panel jobs with my 5500 RP 1.2 and based with Cromax Pro and it’s been working great with it, great flow and gloss.

We did a Tacoma hood that was sealed with 2K black sealer and based in Matrix, Toyota 209 black, metal temp around 72. We used slow act. with a LPH-400 1.3, it died back a bit, we didn’t shut the fan off right away, ran like 20 minutes. Gotta test some more with the solvent base and flash times between color and clear.


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Thanks for the feedback, re baking to long and leaving fan run too long.

It amazes me how many calls I get with first-time users of all of our products, with statements, I left the fan running, and it died back, I thought it was a misprint, or I baked too long and too high, and it died again.

Not sure why sometimes we even bother to spend the money on tech sheets or catalogs

In summary, we have already Monday made a second batch and the calls I'm getting have been 100% in awe except for this post.

A dealership yesterday called said they loved it as have sprayed 3 gallons and was ordering more but he said painter wants to let it flash between coats as he thinks its wrong to shoot it with no flash.
My answer do yourself a favor and didn't buy it if he is going to let it flash.
Also, he said 8 mins at 140 baking was perfect.
He ordered two cases and said the painter would follow the tech sheet.
Why would someone buy a product and not follow the manufacturer's recommendations? I mean, I guess I don't always wash my hair twice (rinse and repeat) so I get it, but this isn't shampoo, it's high-level chemical engineering. When the guy who owns and runs the company, and who is personally involved in development and testing, tells you "this is how you should use my product" that he personally designed and is willing to personally answer questions on 24/7, I'm pretty sure I would do what he says :rolleyes:.

Maybe if I had been doing this stuff for a long time (like washing my hair), I'd feel differently and rely on my experience. But, it is a new product, with significantly different applications / goals.

Keep the tech sheets, Barry, rookies like me need and rely upon them every damn time we paint!

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The Facebook page is the worst for guys not wanting to follow the book. Always blaming the clear for dieback.

I just ordered some slow activator. I tried the medium with retarder but it took a bit more effort to apply since the panel was up around 100+.

I love the back to back process.