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production shop. due to rising amount of vehicle coming out thru cars, I'm less and less involved in to the prep process . usually get the car sanded and clean in front of spray booth. after that I'm taking the car, wax and grease, tape, final wax and grease and paint. what i notice that the sanding job now is a bit worse. it is still d/a'ed 320/600 , and scuffed, but fast, without religiously scuffed in every each millimeter .i tried to talk and show to people but I don't think that gonna work. I'm not saying its terrible , but i would probably go one more time with scuff pad just to be sure, but i cant.
so usually i seal every part i paint. i loved spi sealer. but, there is competitor, that says : "Premium Quality Sealer that can be applied over UNSANDED e-coat as well as an OEM finish".
So, should i really switch my sealer because prep work is not perfect, or not? again, im not going to spray anything unsanded. but sanding job that i have now is not great and i wonder if ill switch to this sealer will give me more adhesion.
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I've heard of Unsanded e-coat, but an unsanded OEM finish....Thats a new one to me. I recall asking the same question on the e-coat on here and I thought I remember Barry saying that SPI could be applied to an unsanded e-coat, but I've never done it.


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All the high-end companys use to say the above over ecoat, but when the big three went to water ecoat, we all stopped.
Management changes and with lack of info changes things.

Will spi stick to older unsanded paint?
Of course, it will "IF, and I said IF" you hand buffed with course compound and clean, super good! Like we do a blend.

Would I recommend that? Never!
It is just as fast to gray pad it or faster and not lose sleep.

Some people will say anything to sell a gallon, and in all fairness, id says over three years, you would have a 50% success ratio if mine or other company if the other company is of high quality.


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Like MD said and if can add some words to what he said.
It is sanded enough for about anything to stick.
You dont like how it comes to you, and neither would I.
But for production, I have seen worse.