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Saylor-Beall air compressor


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Anybody have any experience with Saylor-Bealle air compressors you could share? Good or bad? Considering the VT735-60, 2 stage, 230v single phase. Or other similar recommendations.
Below are the specs on the pump.
Saylor Beall Two Stage Reciprocating Models
Motor HP 5, Splash Lubricated Pump Model 705, RPM 845, CFM Displaced @175 psi 23, CFM Delivered @175 psi 17.3.

hey Rob,
I don't have first hand experience with Saylor Beall pump myself , I have the knock off version of this compressor , but I understand this pump to be quiet, rebuild able if needed, and of very good quality
I wish I had this unit
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I never heard a complaint and have from what I hear consider that brand a great brand but no personal experience.
Only thing I see wrong here is if you can get the same thing in an 80-gallon tank, it will pay big dividends in the cost of running and longevity.
my eaton 7.5hp has a copy of the same 707 pump that crash has. gotta figure if a company is going to knock off a design they are going to want to do it with a good one. i use mine all day long atleast 6 days a week. its 10 years old now. hasnt missed a beat.
I've had a sailor-beall for 20 yrs. it's a great compressor . Never had a bit of trouble with it. Well worth the investment. Although I just use mine in a home setting I know of several restoration shops that use this named compressor without any issues. Pull the trigger and get one.


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Found a local distributor, unit ordered. Appreciate and value all the suggestions, went with the 60 gallon unit, I have an additional 60 gallon tank if more storage capacity needed, plus I am a hobbyist killing time in the shop. Should be here by the end of the week.