Sata 2000 rp needle


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I think your paint jobber can still order one through his warehouse, but not sure—worth a call.
Thanks metal man and crash u guys are exactly right. They are sold as a set for sure I was just being hopeful that maybe somebody had an old parts gun or something But if someone has a reasonably priced nozzle set I’d be glad to take it off their hands I just hate to put a fortune into it as I keep it around for a back up gun thanks again


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That's part of the reason I have stuck with Iwata, they are not quite as proud of their replacement parts.


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Sata 2000's are hard to beat IMO. German Engineering. No gaskets or plastic parts to wear out to speak of. No plastic gaskets on the needle, just excellent close tolerance machining. They are sold as a set because they are machined as a set. Very close tolerances between the needle and nozzle. When they are used they wear as a set and just replacing one or the other will result in poor performance.
Keep in mind too that the 2000 series guns first came out over 20 years ago, and have been superseded by 3 generations of guns, so afaik Sata doesn't continue to manufacture replacement parts for them. I had one Sata 2000 HVLP that I used for 15+ years day in, day out. Only replaced the needle nozzle set one time. Conservatively did 1500-2000 jobs with that gun (base, midcoat). Again just my opinion but Sata makes the longest lasting guns on the market. Still have a 2000RP that I continue to use.


I still use my NR2000 1.4 for base and epoxy sealer, still sprays very nice. I think I bought it in 1999 or 2000, can't remember.
U guys are right they are great guns I also have a nr 2000 I occasionally use for sealer and or base I think thinking back to when they were new I believe I used the nr for base and the rp was my main clear gun
I should probably take Barry’s advice and see if my jobber can still get me a nozzle set It bums me out to have the wrong needle in that gun I have one that I made work it seems to spray OK but I know it’s not the right one and I’m kind of a gun hoarder lol Here’s a pic of the guns I use daily and then I have about twice that many more but I just collect dust because I can’t seem to part with them lol


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