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I really dont want to prime and paint the roll cage in my 67 camaro. Would spi black epoxy alone be o.k. Or is their some lack of U.V. protection thing I have to worry about?


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No worries!! I bet 90% of the people I talk to leave it in epoxy, best way in my book, less likely to chip if you roll the car. LOL
That is funny..My only problem with that is getting it to spray out of my ANI r150 min gun. 1.0 tip..The only decent small gun I have .The only clear I have used with it was the finish1 4.1.plus a little..What mini guns have people used with a 1.3 or 1.4 tip on roll cages?


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I sprayed a sand rail about 5 years ago with a small no name gun .9 tip side cup...I sparayed kirker thought it without an issue..I am wondering if I would be fine with my1.0 tip.


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It will work fine a 1.0 tip on a mini gun is more like a 1.3 to 1.4 on a full size.
Epoxy sprays like a high-end base coat.