Respirator filter for epoxy primer?


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Any suggestions on the proper filter/ cartridge for shooting epoxy. I've never used it before.
I have a 3M half face respirator.


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I've used 3M 6001 and 60923 and can't tell a difference between the two other than the 6001 breathes a bit easier. This doesn't mean that either is the correct cartridge to use though. I also don't use a half mask, I use the 6800 full face along with a paint suit. Not even close to as good as a fresh air respirator but it is what it is. I guess the isocyanates can absorb into your skin, so want to keep that protected as best you can.


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Thanks for the information stlcardinalsguy.
Like I mentioned, I'm totally new at painting, so your info is very helpful. I'll look into a suit and full face respirator.


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Go to any automotive paint store, and they may have three different companies with dual barrage respirators; buy the one that fits you best.
DO NOT buy one at a big box store or online as it may be the same brand but may be made for welding or varspare type materials.