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Refinishing walnut steering wheel


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Friend wants to redo the walnut steering wheel in his car. He is not quite sure how to bring back the brilliance of the walnut. It's not chipped or damaged, just dull from years of neglect. Any ideas for him? Thanks.


evil painter
Not sure if it's old enough to be a lacquer finish or new enough to be a urethane or acrylic clear, but at any rate may need to be carefully sanded through the existing clear & barely into the wood itself & be recleared..
May first try sanding & buffing a section.
Hard to give any better of an answer without any more details.


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I have done two over the years, not sure the right way but it worked perfect in my case.
Both i sanded smooth cleaned with wax and grease remover and let set
24 hours.
Shot one coat of clear and next morning shot one more.,.
No sanding and no buffing.


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Here again this worked for me but listen to the other experts on here as I'm sure there are better ways.


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He said he sanded off what he thought was dirt, grease etc with 60 grit. Had to use dremel to get into finger grips and still not got all of the "gunk" out. That's why I was asking. Thanks for replies. I'll tell him later today.


Top Banana
If wood is still coated with whatever clear, Magic Eraser with water usually gets any grime almost 100% off anything i've ever used them on. I use alcohol on rare occasion water doesn't work.
Used erasers with acetone on plastic table to remove base spill.

Try them. Grocery & hardware stores got em. Your kitchen sink & counter top will look new with ease.