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Project Fiddy

Just finishing this 50 Chevy pickup patina build. No Limit Engineering Chassis, air ride, LQ4, 4L80E, vintage air and TMI interior. Body was washed several times and sprayed with two coats of SPI matte clear. Owner understands that adhesion may not be the best but this is the look he wanted. I had to patch rust in the lower cowl and doors and used vinegar to rust the patches to match the patina as best I could.
EA857F18-74DE-4ED5-96DF-50989210AE4C.jpeg B0CF32BA-F215-4CFA-A2D6-1CFB300E0389.jpeg FCC4E260-B51D-4836-A1B0-DF86613C5BA6.jpeg 541FBD98-32A2-4B7F-B84C-CBFBED0814DB.jpeg 7893BD07-BDEA-4D1E-AD40-487368887E77.jpeg