Primer & Painting Old GM Plastics



I have a '62 Nova project. The interior platic arm rests have the chrome coming off of them and look terrible. Don't really have dough in the budget to replace them with new OER replacements. I'm in the process of prepping the car for paint now. My question is, what do I do with these old GM plastics? I'd like to go ahead and paint them interior color. I've matched the replacement interior pieces but my problem is these old '62 GM plastics are molded with any plastic identification? What kind of primer can I use on them? I assume I'll need to add an adhesion promotor? Any and all help is appreciated.


Andy from STL
Just scuff with a gray scuff pad, clean with 700-1.
Spray one medium coat of 600-1, wait exactly 30 mins.
Spray 2 coats of epoxy.
Next day shoot paint.
I have never personally worked on that model of car, and I don't think you need the 600, but because I'm not sure, it won't hurt to use it.

Sorry for the delay of the answer but I have been swamped and did not see this.
Cut off a small sliver of the plastic from the backside and put it in a glass of water. If it floats you need adhesion promoter, if not you don't, although like Barry said it wouldn't hurt to use it.

Think it is our member Crashtech who says "If it's a floater you need promoter" :)
Awesome. Thanks Barry & Chris. Will do. I’ll let you know the results of the float test. Much appreciated!

Andy from STL
Float test failed. Sunk straight to the bottom. Thanks for the help gentleman.

Andy from STL
I have a RS front Urethane front end for 70 camaro....pretty sure material will sink in water...but seems like I should use AP. Water test is checking density?
here is nose

I take those urethane parts straight to epoxy, no adpro. Adhesion seems very good.

I usually lightly media blast them to prep them. I only use epoxy on them. It takes quite a few coats to get them straight. I’m doing bumper covers from a 78 Trans Am now. It took 12 coats and a couple rounds of sanding to get them looking good.