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Ppg DC4000 buffing/run advice.

Just sprayed a truck bed black on a daily driver dually truck. I have a gallon of PPG DC4000 that was given to me for free. So I used it on this job to save money.
Anyway I sprayed two coats tonight and it came out clean and slick. Other than two small runs. I’ve heard this clear gets hard quick but I don’t know.
I’m going out of town for a week leaving this Friday. So I won’t have time to do anything with it for over a week.

Does anyone have experience with this clear and advice on the run? I normally use SPI Universal, but was getting rid of some free clear on this one. Just wondering if this clear will be rock hard and hard to fix this spot by the time I get back on it in about a week and a half?
When I knock the run down and progressively sand it down, can I just buff that spot right where I’ve sanded? Or do I have to buff the whole panel/bedside to make it look right?


Paint Fanatic
Staff member
Like pointed out wet sand before you leave and leave inside, this will make it easier to buff when you get back in a week.
Spi clear we would say outside, but the 4000 is different.

You can spot buff, and it will look fine.
Thanks Barry. I’ve used the universal enough I know I’d have no worries. But wasn’t sure about this clear. But it was free.