Polished paint get micro scratches


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I painted my TR6 body tub with AU and let it sit for a couple of weeks. Went at with 1000 in localized areas then 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500, and finally 3000 and 5000 Trizac. Used Maquires step one and two polishing compounds and it looked great. Eventually dust settled but not very much at all. Gave it a quick wipe with a micro fibre cloth and could see fine scratches.

So why is this happening? The dust was very fine and wiping pressure was almost non existent. Used some final glaze and it looked good again until I wiped it a week or so later!

Advice? Recommendations? Help????

Thanks in advance...
Hard to say without seeing what you are looking at and the tools, pads, etc. you used to get there.

My guess is that some of the coarser grit sanding scratches were not completely removed with the next finer grit. The other thing could be using a compound that has filler in it. These make it look good by filling the finer scratches but then when you wipe it down, it removes the filler and scratches show again.
Thanks for your reply. I’ll look into the “filler” situation... however when looking at the panels with very bright LED light they look perfect once the polishing was completed.

I could always start the process again but a little concerned that I could cut through to the sealer coat. I’d have to wait until late spring to re-shoot. All well it’s only time and money. LOL
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It sounds like you have a glaze on the surface; Macguire has more glaze than most, which is why detailers love it.
The first thing to do is clean with wax and grease remover and report back if it looks worse, same, or better.
This will be an easy fix once we know where we are when you wash off the glaze.
I used Meguiars 105 for a while and found that it "added gloss" by leaving filler behind in the scratches. Do as Barry suggested and wipe the panel with Wax and Grease remover and any scratches that are there will show up as the filler is removed.

Today I use Meguiars M-100 and it looks completely different than the 105, 205, etc. In fact it resembles the Chemical Guys products in a number of ways.

The M100 used with a twisted wool pad on a rotary will remove the scratches and produces a great look. I follow that up with Chemical Guys V36 and a foam pad, then finish with Menzerna Super Finish 3800 on a black polishing pad. This gives me a scratch free, crystal clear finish.

Others will use what works for them and most of us have developed a process that we are happy with.

Do a Search on hear for Cut and Buff, Polishing or just Buffing Paint and see what you come up with.