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Personal care products that cause fisheyes

I've had to start using envirobase once again and having an extremely difficult time with fisheyes. Deltron doesn't have an issue. Just envirobase. Sometimes I can see tiny craters in base before clear but not often. But every panel lately has tiny fisheyes in clear over envirobase. They appear immediately on first coat of clear and most will not cover.

We have cleaned, and degreased everything, in the shop. Thrown away products, changed dessicant and filters. Flushed those lines. Pressure washed booth, changed all filters, etc By far the most thorough process I've been involved in.

Now I'm wondering if it's contamination from me. I don't wear cologne or hair products or fabric softener. I wear a paint suit and gloves the entire process. Use the correct ppg tack rags.

I noticed my deodorant and shampoo both have dimethicone. Found a deodorant without it. Shampoo is a little harder to find.

Is amodimethicone any better or worse for fisheyes? What else has anyone found that causes problems?


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I'm no latex expert but I don't think it is a contamination problem as much as a base problem or brand you are using in the heat and humidity you are working in.
If deodorant, cant happen with a paint suit. If shampoo or hair spray can't happen with a paint sock on.

I say its a base issue and i would tray another company every one of these companies have changed their WB base at least 6 to 7 times since they come out with it.
The company I thought would take over that part of the market had the largest recall in this industry history.
Oh tried to call and hit dial but it was delete, this is why dumb people should not own a smart phone!