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Once Epoxy is scuffed is there another time frame to reshoot?

I have a semi Chassis I primed in pieces about 4 months ago , chassis is together now and was going to scuff and shoot more epoxy then paint. Once its scuffed do I have a certain time limit to reshoot or once its scuffed and opened back up if its a couple weeks is that ok?


Paint Fanatic
Staff member
Epoxy re-scuff is nothing like a 2K urethane primer so the answer is no.
However after this amount of time you and only re-coat with epoxy again.
Thanks Barry, I was going to scuff then 2 to 3 coats of Epoxy then single stage black, with my schedule its going to take some time to scuff the whole chassis and wanted to make sure I didn't need to rush to get more epoxy on it.