Old Epoxy And Filler


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I am finally ready to start the body work on my T-Bird. The body was sprayed with epoxy about 6 months ago. Can I sand and apply filler to this or do I need to sand and put new epoxy on first?

How long would you go if it was outside before redoing the epoxy?
Im unprepared to give this answer as never tested.
BUT this often happens with boats and trucks that are too big to paint inside.
From myself, I am dealing with the painters that paint outside.

The door handle level and down everything is the same as UVs do not bend

Flat surfaces door handle level up two days, 3rd day scuff, 4th day respray.

Im basing all this info on dealing with painters as I never tested but knowing how the epoxy cures and my safety built-in
This is a pretty safe bet.
UVs are different in SW and SE than North so
You are getting shortchanged a little.