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Old Dodge


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What I am working on now... Tested my very rusty skills on my Yukon and now going to hit the dodge. If all else fails and I end up with a really nice orange effect it should fly threw the air like a golf ball at least. And most of all I want have to see the paint peeling off going down the interstate or wonder when water will finally make it to the inside. ; )

apaloosa dodge.jpg apaloosa dodge.jpg
I have a nv4500 i know someone was in there once before and i rebuilt it once i bought it. The dust boot where the shifter goes in dry rotted and let all kinds of trash in.


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mine is the automatic w over drive button, if you try to tow with out being in overdrive its really bad feels like just what it is, stuck in a low gear with higher rpm, i don't use it and just been replacing as needed. I read something about a company near me in GA that says they can rebuild it to hold up and back it with a good warranty .. cost was up there but if you figure down time and replace or rebuild every 7--10 years it would be worth it. Thought about a manual but it sure it nice towing with auto in traffic.