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I did not see a "Welcome say hello" area so I thought I would post it here.Lots of talk on about SPI products so I thought I would check it out.I building another 57 two door hardtop(pro-street)12 point cage, Dana 60-ladder bar, Fatman front stub with tubular A-arms, rack and Wilwood brakes.I have a 671 blower small block that will probably end up in the car.This build is a tribute to the car Bruce Springsteen wrote the song "Born to run" when we were neighbors in Jersey in 1975.I had a 57 HT when I was 15 and parked it next to Bruce`s 57 Ht only his was much nicer and had old school flames.I had the chance to buy it for $2.000.00+ but I was just a kid living alone in a rooming house making $25.00 a week.I have some connections in the Springsteen camp so when the car is complete maybe he will sign the trunk lid.Current cars include a 57 HT with a ZZ-4 and a super T-10, a 69 BB Camaro Turbo 400 and HOK three stage that me a two friends built as well as several cars waiting in the wing.Looking forward to learning more about prep work here.Thanks.


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Welcome to the forum! Jump right in! :)

I'm sure we'd all love to see as many pics of your build as you'd care to post!


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Well, thanks for introducing yourself I think you will find there are a lot of pro's on here always ready to help.

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SPI won't disappoint! Post up some pics of the build if you can. What color is this one going to be?


welcome aboard lots of real proven advice here.uncle berry only does quality