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Need some advice here on a 73 charger project..........


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I worked with a guy who put that much filler on a lot of stuff. Kinda looks like something he would have done. Funny thing is when he got done with something like that he thought he was doing quality work.
Make sure you get paid Orange.


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Slowly trying to locate some factory parts for this re-build. Found a place in Phoenix that has what I am looking for. Prices seem a little high, but doable, problem is shipping is going to be over $500, lol.

Still searching.


Garage hack at night.....
Its not too terrible. The door jamb inner lock panel has to be a factory part as nobody makes it. They do make a rocker panel, but not the inner and I may need that part also so the way they cut this off the car I would get the entire quarter panel up to the roof, the wheelhouse inner and outer and all the way to the front of the rocker. Don't mind the surface rust as these parts would go right to the blaster and clean up just fine. Parts are about $1000 and the Shipping is $500.

As far as the cars value. I am not one to judge putting too much money into a car. I was big into drag racing and street racing awhile back, I cringe when I think of the money I have put into building and fixing my cars, lol!!

But hes owned this car for 15-20 years and says he has no intentions of selling it.