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Mixing Different Brands of Base

Discussion in 'Other Products' started by Mustang408, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. Mustang408

    Mustang408 Member

    I have 3 different red bases I want to mix together and use to add a two tone to a work truck side.
    I'm wondering if DBC - Wanda - ProSpray can all be put together in one can and reduced with SPI reducer?

  2. crashtech

    crashtech Combo Man

    Generally a bad idea for more than one reason, but if they don't clump up when you stir them together, it will probably be OK, at least short term. I wouldn't do it though, at the very least you will have more than usual trouble matching a repair, at worst it could delaminate or have some durability issue down the road.
  3. DATEC

    DATEC Member

    I agree with Crash, bad idea all around IMO.
  4. Jim C

    Jim C Oldtimer

    those are all polyester type basecoats and none of them are odd proprietary type systems so should probably be just fine. i intermix all time to get what i want but only between a few brands and i know they work. glasurit, diamont, hok, wanda, lesonal, sikkens all intermix without a hitch....oh and you can mix a little spi in there too. with that said, if i spent months prepping a car and doing bodywork, primer and all that prep i would never intermix to do a complete on a car
  5. anotheridiot

    anotheridiot Member

    as long as they mix, dont clump up and none of them need a secondary hardener Every paint company did not start from scratch and find a new way to make base coat, they all start with the same basic formula. Your money should be in the clear to protect it from UV to keep it from fading and intact.
  6. Mustang408

    Mustang408 Member

    This is for my brothers truck and its only the center section of the side. 1994 F-250. No body work is involved, just scuff - sealer - color - SPI clear. I'll mix see what it looks like in the can and spray a test panel and decide from there.

  7. Mustang408

    Mustang408 Member

    I mixed Deltron, Prospray, Wanda, HOK red dye, HOK pearl and SPI intercoat clear.
    Mixed and sprayed fine.
    WP_20170511_16_05_35_Rich.jpg WP_20170511_17_45_51_Rich.jpg

  8. Barry

    Barry Paint Fanatic Staff Member

    Glad it worked and what you did there will be NO long term problems.
    As a bench chemist you probably made one heck of a great base-coat. LOL

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