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Liquid Ice vs Resistall NG Caltex

Caltex Resistall NG is a product being pushed by car dealer to be the life savior of off the show room floor 2017 Tahoe. 7 year guarantee. Applied by person in the wash booth after washing. Spray on with spray bottle, let dry, chamois and off to the show room floor for customer pickup. $899. Other products by detailers are being offered by local detailers for half the price, no guarantee. More complicated process but no guarantee. My first concern is applying any sealant on clearcoat too soon after car has left the assembly line. Second concern is how much protection do these products really provide to a clear coat?
these snake oils have been around since the early 60's . one of the biggest rip off in car sales. i can remember in the 70's if you had that crap on a car no shop would touch it.
its probably one of the ceramic coatings. ceramic is a big ripoff. the cost is insane and i have no idea what the long term effects on the paint are since its an actual coating that is bonded to your clearcoat BUT they do work for what they are supposed to do. ultra hydrophobic. water just jumps off the car and no real washing. you just hose it off and dirt falls right off. atleast with the good ones. im sure there are alot of cheap knockoff products out there. i would never ceramic one of my vehicles though. its too new and too many unknowns with it.
I'm pretty much convinced its a bad idea. If anyone was interested, I would take a good look at it for the guarantee. But even then, look real close at the guarantee. For 7 years the dealer will replace or repaint anything you or the dealer can not fix. Does not apply to wheels and does not apply to rock chips or damage, just stains. One example they gave was highway marker paint which will etch into the clear coat. Dealer said they repainted the whole car. I responded, that's why I already have insurance. The responded, Deductable? No deductible with the dealer guarantee.
Is there any way to test these? Like paint a test panel, set outside for 30 days, then ceramic coat and set back outside for x-amount of time?

Before people jump all over me, I have no intentions of purchasing or using this coating. Just purely curious on how these coatings would be tested for safety.
mitch i think only time will tell. i really dont think any of these ceramic coating would cause paint failure rather than once you start applying the coating and it wears off in 4-5 years will the paint look really crappy and your forced to do it again just to keep the paint looking good. also if you get into an accident and need to repaint one of the panels, how will it affect that process. will the paint be contaminated and fisheye to the point where the panel needs to be stripped to bare metal? who is going to pay the bill on that one? insurance or out of pocket. if insurance it prob wont take long before they figure it out and add a clause into everyones policy saying they wont pay for additional costs due to ceramic coating. these are all the unknowns.


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This was the 1st i heard of it. Read it's also used on interiors?
A car that gets cleaned in a rainstorm sounds nice but i don't mind a rebuff & wax for good as new.
What bothers me is new cars come with paint that might not last 7yrs? My blue caddy's a 1991 and it's just getting a reclear.
Lots of good discussion. General direction going from what I see is negative. I just cant believe something applied in a spray bottle and wiped off is going to be any kind of a miracle. One of the big selling points is its smoothness after applied, same as a good carnauba wax but maybe less quality? I think the big sell on this product is the 7 year guarantee that comes with remove stains or replace (interior) and repaint (exterior). (does not apply to wheels). If your going to use this product, I would advise a good review of the guarantee that comes with it and make sure there are no loopholes. Personally, in all my years of owning vehicles, I have never had a paint stain or a upholstery stain that I could not remove.
Haven't tried of of this stuff either, but I have seen a lot of good comments on forums such as Camaro 6 (cosmetic maintenance section) on different coatings. A lot of vehicles have come out much shinier, though a large portion of it was from good ole color sanding & buffing first before application.
I did have 1 detail guy pm me after seeing me comment on a thread & from seeing that I did some cool custom work, gave me his thoughts on the stuff he used in his business & got fabrication advise from me. Being that was someone not being paid a cent to give me product advise, as with most spi advise, that would incline me to give it a little more consideration for a new vehicle with thin ass cured paint that will be daily driven in harsh stuff, but definitely NOT YET for something I painted.
Guy I mentioned hadn't heard of painting issues with the ceramic based stuff, as he had also done paint correction on repainted parts for his regulars.
Now there were some silicone based products years ago I've heard of many cases of they soaked down into the metals & infinitely ruined the car for even repeated future repaints. I think most of the modern products don't penetrate the surface much more than a repaint would.
That's about what I know, which is not enough for a firm decision either way, still leaning toward eh??, though more open minded.


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Here is my problem and I will leave this for thought as I have no dog in this fight. (=$--so to speak)
1) Automotive paint must breath or all kinds of problems can arise down the road.
2) In the following manuals--Mercedes, Ferrari, Ford, and GM the only ones I have read ALL say do not wax car for 90 days.
3) Why did the head of BASF a few years ago at a rod show when asked how to make a restoration job last as long as possible and his answer was: "NEVER WAX THE CAR"

Carnauba or stuff like spray n shine is the only thing that should be applied, IN MY OPINION.
Barry, is Carnauba polish and not wax? I see some Carnauba was that has other additives in it, is that something you would stay away from? Without listing all the additives in different products, what I am asking is, "Is there a carnauba polish that has only that component and nothing else?


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Barry, is Carnauba polish and not wax? I see some Carnauba was that has other additives in it, is that something you would stay away from? Without listing all the additives in different products, what I am asking is, "Is there a carnauba polish that has only that component and nothing else?
No its a wax and will last as long as any other wax.
I'm sure all have some polymers added but less is best.
Wonder how it compares to what i got. Collinite 915 paste. 845 is linsulator wax liquid which is easier but might seal too much? The 845 leaves a slicker & slightly more reflective finish then 915 imo.