Jeep FC150 project.


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I’ve bit off a lot—maybe more than I can chew. I am finishing up a custom CJ5 Pickup on a stretched frame. Shortened tub, 5’ bed. It’s been fun and I was gonna Raptorline the whole thing in camo, because it is gonna get the crap beat out of it. But as I was finishing the project, a craigslist add with only two pictures, deep in the center of Idaho called to me. Loudly and repeatedly as I live A long way away in rural, Northern Commiefornia. The photos were the cab and bed of an FC 150, which are reasonably rare and really cool. I thought I’d go look at it And see what it would take to put it on the stretched and modded frame I already built. When I got there, it was really complete and really rust free. Frame, Dana 44’s and everything but engine. Bought it, drug it home, and ordered a kubota. Well, straightened and boxed the frame, fitted the diesel and driveline, and stripped paint using everything From heat and razor blade, sanders, wire cup brush, and sand blaster. There was only evidence of one accident, and the HEAVY frame welded bumper took the brunt of the impact, bent the frame, and kept body damage to a minimum. Since the FC Was where my wife saw me spend money, she wants it done first. The CJ project is on hold as I work on this thing. The prior owner disassembled everything and put the parts in labeled cloth bags. Sweet. So she‘s bare metal now.

i always try to buy local, and buy American. I haven’t painted a car in 20 years or an airplane in 12. Things are really different now! First stop Local jobber. Went in to buy a couple gallons of epoxy primer. HOLY MOLY ! PPG primer, for two sprayable—Gallon of primer, gallon of catalyst, bit of reducer—gallons!!!!! Five hundred bucks. Hi filler primers $140 each, California approved single stage $200 Each. Thousand bucks, really, to spray single stage. I left, shaking my head. So I started reading. H.A.M.B. YouTube, etc. Found SPI and can order the epoxy and save $300. But now paint, cleaners, much “not allowed” in Commiefornia! So I thought I’d throw out what I want to do. First, Im getting a p.o. box in Oregon or Nevada, depending on where momma wants to spend a weekend. Then I want to order EVERYTHING I need to spray, clean, thin, harden, degrease, etc. and pick it up in one swoop. I think I can get everything but the paint from SPI

So here is what I want to do: Epoxy everything, two coats, inside bed, tinted raptorliner. Inside cab, tinted raptorliner to just below windows and paint the rest of the inside. Outside, 56 ford color ”Taos Turqoiuse” and off White two tone. Single stage for ease of repair (it’s still a Jeep and gonna get used) undercoating is more raptorliner. So my questions are, if you had to one stop shop, get EVERYTHING you need, what would you get? The body is pretty straight, and the fillers are reasonable here. Who would you source a single stage paint from, and since the outside of the cab and bed is all that is gonna need Paint, who would sell me matching tint for the raptor liner? I’d like to purchase as much as possible from spi since they are so damn helpful on the forums.


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Ok, let's start with reading the "Perfect Paint Job" this gives you step by step from the ground up.

Then our price sheets says next to every product if it's legal in California.