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Jay Leno's Garage


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We record that show and it is one of my favorites.
The best part is at the end when they value the 3 cars, I'm wrong 50% of the time.
I think Jay has a very wide knowledge about cars, just not very deep. Lots of esoteric stuff in his garage that I know nothing about. Of course he could possibly be memorizing details for the shows, but somehow I doubt it.


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I have met Jay before and can assure you he is a very knowledgeable mechanically and history of old cars, he has forgotten more than I know and that was obvious the first 10 minutes of conversation.


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What he said at end when he guesses which of the 3 appreciated most, referring to VW bus-
He was showing how your legs & head are so close to front of bus.. you're the first one on scene of accident, literally!
That Ferrari sounded sweet just barely opening throttle blades.
one thing i like about jay leno is it seems he actually drives just about everything in his collection. doesnt seem like he has much( with wheels) that just sits around all the time.
my old vw bus got hit by an old lady doing about 30 mph setting in the street . you couldn't put a piece of paper in the hole where my legs would have been.
and yeah jay drives his stuff all the time. he really likes the steam cars .


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He had a Rear Engined Big Block V8 powered Festiva back in the 90's that was just nuts. He also has one of the rare Festiva Shogun's. Not that I am into Festivas.....they were POS's but I saw the BigBlock one in person and saw it run. Crazy. He would drive it around LA back in the day. Think he gets a bad rap, Jay always has seemed like a pretty stand up guy. Oh and Jay knows his stuff, he truly has passion for cars.