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Is 700 OK to use on rubber? (68-72 Pontiac Endura front bumpers)

I am restoring a 1970 GTO Judge and am currently working on the front bumper/nosecone. The material is referred to an "endura" and is a rubber compound that was molded over a steel core.

Most advice on the Pontiac boards recommends that W&G remover should not be used as the rubber is slighly porous and it could cause adhesion problems if residue is left behind. Following the recommendation on these sites, I have sandblasted my bumper, washed it with soap and water, rinsed with water, completed any repairs with 3M flexible epoxy repair kit, then applied 4 coats of SPI epoxy with 1 hour between coats.

I just finished my first round of block sanding the epoxy and have several sand-throughs to the rubber base.

Looking for advice from anyone who knows what endura is and has worked on it, whether or not I should use the water based 700 to clean the sanding sludge off everything before I apply more epoxy, or stick with the soap and water followed by water rinse and lots of dry time. I am thinking that 700 is considerably different than regular W&G remover so not sure if it is OK to use.


evil painter
I think endure was the successor to the now formerly modern urethane material.
See no reason the alcohol/ water based cleaner would be a negative with a reasonable amount of dry time.


Paint Fanatic
Staff member
The 700-1 is the only W and G remover. I have ever recommended using on the endura bumpers.
My advice is always to give it 24 hours to get out or throw in sun for rest of day and epoxy in morning.
Also as I stated at the GTO nationals both years when I did classes on these bumpers, if you don't have the 700 then better off not to clean.